Sunday, 25 November 2012

Photography problems...:-s

Wonder, if there is any way that I could just make jewellery all day and someone else can photograph it, do my accounting and filing and generally take care of everything else to do with my business? 

Let me just say that I am no photographer. I never wanted to BE a photographer. However, when you plan to sell your wares online, excellent pictures are not just nice, they are imperative. My jewellery is going to be mixed in with thousands of other pieces on Etsy (why did I have to pick the most saturated category?) and they need to stand out. So often I spend more time behind the camera than I do making jewellery :-S
I have seen a lot of improvement though, which keeps me motivated....
Although i'm mostly working with natural light which can be pretty fickle..i take about 50 shots before i get 2 satisfying shots.
I have to say i have new found respect for photographers. It is a LOT of work (at least for me), and truly and art form in itself.I know how important photographs are to selling online, so I refuse to post any jewellery until my photos are up to snuff.
The other thing I spend an inordinate amount of time doing is sorting, deleting, editing and cropping.I think its time to invest in a light box,tripod and some really awesome lighting...
I wonder how i will explain these new cost to my husband:-s 

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