Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Business cards are here!

I'm very excited.My Graphics for my business cards are finally done.A really close friend of mine is a computer wiz so I sent her some product photos and some notes on what kind of style and tone I wanted, and she nailed it!

She captured the elegant, feminine and classy look that I wanted and maintained a custom look by using my earrings.The business cards are just lovely and I can't wait to get them printed:

The featured earrings are something i made for a friend's wedding.She is getting married this winter and wanted something in ice blue winter frost tones.I used pear shaped Aqua Blue Chalcedony with dangles of Rock Quartz and micro faceted aquamarine all wrapped in sterling silver.

My friend had very little input on her jewellery, so it was a bit nerve-wracking Luckily, she loved it so i decided to take that as a good sign and use These for my business cards...

Now i just got to work on my banner....

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