Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Organizing your Jewelry

I can't believe it's been almost eight months since I started this blog. When I first wrote, we were looking forward to Christmas - now summer is almost finished..So much has happened in the few months its amazing.
Of course the biggest being the birth of my beautiful son:

Considering how i never thought of myself as very baby friendly i seem to have taken to motherhood very well!
Managing My Newly Opened Shop on Etsy with New mommy duties has definitely been a bit of a challenge but i think i'm doing pretty well considering I have managed grow my little shop to over 100 pieces!
Of course there are many many pieces which have yet to be photographed and edited lying on my table..

So with me making more and more items(hey what can i do when inspiration strikes?) and not getting the time photograph them there has been a lot of pile up on my craft table. In fact it has become so cluttered that its just not possible for me to work there any more..
I finally decided to start organizing and labeling my jewelry before it gets tarnished(esp sterling silver)
 So that's exactly what i am dong now :)

 Every piece of jewelry hanging from its own jewelry card which i made from ready-to-use business cards .i got them from Staples -They make very easy to jewelry cards plus they prevent the chains from getting tangled up to each other..after i put the jewelry on to the cards i sealed them in zip lock bags to prevent tarnish  ans stack them up n my storage drawers ..EASY,Efficient and very Productive.Its a real space saver as well! 
i have more then 100 items neatly stacked an the drawer is not even half full!
What do you guys do think?
Please feel free to share any ideas you have or already use in organizing your jewelry!


  1. Very clever idea for using business cards as earring displays!

    Have you looked into Moo cards at all? Sometimes they have terrific sales - and their cardstock is heavy and fantastic. Maybe you could do themed cards for holiday gifts?

  2. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. Congrats on your son. Thanks for the packaging idea.